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Mock trial leads to student learning in Sag Harbor
Wearing Colonial garb, Jeff Reed’s fourth-grade class at Sag Harbor Elementary School held a mock trial to determine the fate of three famous leaders of New York’s earliest colony, New Netherland of the Dutch Republic. As part of the re-enactment, three student attorneys defended their “clients” against a prosecutor who levied a series of charges, while their peers served as the jury, complete with a foreman. Leading up to the trial, the students independently researched primary documents for arguments supporting their client and prepared a defense for the many historical accusations that remain debatable. Their work included penning case summaries and closing arguments. The lesson coincided with the fourth-grade social studies curriculum on early American history.
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STEM-tastic learning
To engage students in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and math, Sag Harbor Elementary School has invested in a new littleBits platform that empowers students to use their creativity and teamwork skills to become inventors. As part of the platform, students use littleBits electronic building blocks during their library periods to construct various objects. They are tasked with drawing up a construction plan and then building items that have a purpose. Most recently, a team of students used littleBits to fabricate a night light. After designing their gadget and some trial and error, the students fashioned a colorful light that features a dimmer switch. The littleBits program coincides with the Sag Harbor School District’s goal to increase STEM opportunities for students. Studies show that integrated STEM studies prepare students for in-demand STEM careers while also developing their skills in collaboration, problem-solving and critical thinking. Photo caption: Sag Harbor Elementary School students recently fabricated a night light using their school’s new littleBits program. Pictured from left are fifth-graders Zuhany Antunex, Annie Husband, Greylynn Guyer and Jake Mojeski.
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