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Wax Museum
Student museum features historic figures
The Sag Harbor Elementary School gymnasium was transformed into an elaborate museum on March 16 for the annual fifth-grade Wax Museum project. As part of the event, fifth-grade students portrayed famous historic figures in the arts, history, sciences, entertainment and business worlds by dressing in period clothing and posing within detailed displays. The showcase, which was open to students’ families and community members, included Franklin D. Roosevelt, Queen Victoria, Orville Wright, Annie Oakley, Jackie Robinson and Isadora Duncan, among others. The project culminated weeks of research in which students investigated and penned essays on a historic character of their choice.
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Learning to Skate
Learning to Skate with a Friend
Tradition continued for Sag Harbor Elementary School students as kindergartners took to the ice with their fifth-grade partners at the school's annual buddy skate on March 6. During the ice skating session, held at Buckskill Winter Club in East Hampton, fifth-graders helped their kindergarten buddies steady their feet and glide across the ice. The event culminated several months of in-school activities between the students. As part of the 15-year buddy program, fifth-graders serve as role models and mentors to the kindergartners. They spend time reading to them and celebrating school milestones, including the 100th day of school. Through the mutually beneficial partnership, kindergartners also watch the fifth-graders' annual wax museum projects come to life.
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Showcasing Science Smarts
Showcasing Science Smarts
Sag Harbor Elementary School fourth- and fifth-graders demonstrated their knowledge of science at the school’s annual science fair on Feb. 1. During the event, the students shared their scientific research with classmates, parents, teachers and administrators. Featured projects explored a variety of topics, including magnetism, electricity and the Northern Lights. “The students’ presentations were very impressive and are an example of the excellence in our school,” said Matthew Malone, principal of Sag Harbor Elementary School. Photo caption: Siblings Lucas Iulo and Jackie Iulo presented their joint science fair project, “How to Find Galaxies,” at Sag Harbor Elementary School’s science fair on Feb. 1.
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